Call it a hard candy or ice candy or rock candy..this sweet treat has been conceived for one purpose lick it endlessly, without having to go through the heartbreak of ending in a juffy.

This tempting candy is favoured by all, especially by kids due to it's countless varieties and flavors. Some of the most popular lollipop flavors are cotton candy, blueberry, Pina Colada, Orange Splash. And then there are the creatively divine ones like BubbleGum filling, caramel and chocolate filling which makes reaching to the core your mission...should you choose to accept it!

Sweetsmith Lollipops are both delicious as well as nourishing, made from 100% organic ingredients. Specially customized lollipops are also prepared for health conscious individuals and diabetics alike, which are bound to take them back to their childhood. So instead of worrying about your teeth rotting, why don't you get your loved ones down here and try one yourself?

Coconut Lollipop

Oreo Lollipop

Hazelnut Lollipop

Milk Chocolate

Pistachio Lollipop

Raspberry Lollipop

Strawberry Lollipop

Mini Chocolate And Ice Cream Cones