Indian fusion dessert

Try our delectable Indian Fusion Desserts...perfect for every festive season.

Especially hand crafted Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, Thandai Mousse Cake, Peach Firni, Kiwi Barfi... sounds too good to be true eh?

After all Indian desserts add soul to the dessert fraternity with its burst of flavors.

Besides shopping, celebrations and camaraderie, Indian desserts add certain enthusiasm to the festive spirits.

And the Indian Fusion desserts concocted by Sweetsmith will leave the sweet toothed asking for more!

Rasgulla Cheese Cake

Thandai Mouse Cake

Apple Jelebi

Peach Phirni

Vegan Carrot Halwa Triffle

Motichur Rabdi Parfait

Beet Root Tofu Burfi

Paan Truffle With Gulkand Centre

Avocado Kalakand

Turmeric Ice Cream

Bhapa Doi

Chena Cigar