Signature Chocolate Truffle

Signature Chocolate Truffle


A fruity white truffle flavoured with passion fruit syrup and rum flavoure and covered with chocolate.

Tequila Sunrise

White chocolate blended with tequila and grenadine in orange chocolate shell

Pina colada

A white chocolate truffle blended with white rum, coconut, pineapple and lime and encased with white chocolate.

Singapore sling

White truffle centre flavoured with gin, triple sec and pineapple


A ganache of bourbon, vodka and dark chocolate and encased with milk chocolate

Truffle wafers

Chocolate wafers with hazelnut and tender coconut

Fountain in fondant-4 types

  1. Floral fondant with orange stuffing
  2. Marble fondant with mint chocolate
  3. P³ fondant- pear, peach and prune