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parent company

Mandalas Impresa

Mandalas Impresa - A vision of understanding the culinary needs of people and bring forth new tasty opportunities for people to experience. Our creativity and innovation is channeled through our two brands: Sweetsmith and Pastovilla.
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Our Brands


Sweetsmith is India’s first dessert boutique concept where we produce 100% vegetarian therapeutic dessert. We also produce diabetic dessert. We welcome people to approach us with their dietary restrictions and our in house certified dietician will design and smith will shape your dessert.


Pastovilla brand has been conceived with the idea to provide world class international cuisine at affordable price. Concept comes with the idea of a Café....a place where customers can relax, have discussions around the cup of coffee. Pastovilla has been designed to be available for birthday/kitty parties, meetings, conferrences, business discussion in them midst of highly busy commercial area in Andheri.